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Do you want to experience something new for your event? or you want to show everybody about your product with different way? maybe you want your customer to be always remember about your product? or just want to watch some miracle things about magic in your party? DENDIMAGIC is the answer.

About DendiMagic

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dendi Permadi, a magician from Palembang city in Indonesia. He was very passionate about magic and miracle things, some of his best routine is rose manipulation, card manipulation, card prediction and floating table. He was highlighted that his main aims is to make people happy in every time they are watch his performance, because he believe that magic act is the way of magician to entertain other not to be show off. Apart form magic, he also interested in technological area,  currently he was doing a project to combine technology of augmented reality and magic to procude richer presentation. 

He start to learn magic in 2007 which is introduced by Anton Wijaya. Anton was one of his best friend in junior high school. Dendi also have learn magic from some well-known magician in Palembang, they are Erza, Delwin and Fredy (www.fredywang.webs.com). He also admired Deddy Corbuzeier, an Indonesian well-known mentalist which hold title from Merlin Award as best mentalist in the world. Another way to learn magic is from watching video performance from world class magician, he believe. Because some of element skill which is very important to the magician like showmanship, interaction, body gesture and composure are only can be learned by watching other performance from professional world class magician. 

So, are you ready for his magical performance?

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-Telephone : 014-229-6039

-Email : dendimagic@yahoo.com

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Video Show

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Show at Grand Dinner EON Dewan Mas UUM

Floating Table by dendimagic

D'lite by dendimagic

Ringgit in magic

Vanishing coin

Sunday, March 21, 2010